About Us

We don’t just send flowers.
We help you create your moments of happiness.

Why ?

At the forefront of floral design
We are as obsessed with design as we are with flowers - we think flower gifting should be as fun for you as it is for your recipient! That’s why we put our hearts and souls into each product design. From endless research to countless design sketches and rooms full of rigorous prototypes, our award-winning design team goes through months of prep work before finalising each product. We aim to give our customers only the best (and prettiest)!

Carefully Packaged
We insist on hand-preparing all our flowers and gifts to help you create your perfect moment of happiness. Wrapped in protective packaging and delivered by our trusty delivery partners, we guarantee our gifts arrive perfect and our flowers arrive hydrated & happy right to your recipient's doorstep.

Sourcing Straight from the farm
We support flower farmers in Malaysia and the world over by sourcing our blooms straight from their farms. This farm-direct sourcing not only means we can bring in rare, seasonal blooms that everyone loves (think peonies, tulips, leucadendrons and more), it also means our flowers last longer, smell better and bloom bigger!

A Blooming Approach
Everything we do, we do to make your moments as perfect as can be. Whether it’s carefully de-thorning every flower, feeding the right nutrients or trimming them at just the right angle so they last longer - no detail is too small for our artisans. We often work with renowned brands, always source the trendiest flowers and create one-of-a-kind blooms you've never seen before. With over 10 years of floral experience, you can trust us.